2016 – 17 Passport Facts

  • ​On average 8,225 Australian applied for a passport each business day
  • We issued 2,070,038 passports altogether – 51% more than 10 years ago
  • 57% of applicants used our online service
  • On an average business day we issued a passport every 3 seconds
  • 215,980 people paid to have their passport issued in two business days plus delivery
  • End to end, the number of passports we printed would stretch from Sydney to Canberra
  • 13,864,033 Australians had a passport = 56% of the population
  • People in their 20's were most likely to have a passport
  • 162 passports not processed on suspicion of dishonesty or fraud
  • 77 passports cancelled or refused on national security or law enforcement grounds
  • The most common fraud? Forged parental consent for child passports
  • 43,756 passports reported lost or stolen
  • 8,075 emergency travel documents issued

Top Five countries for

 Lost passportsStolen passports
2.United StatesItaly
3.United KingdomUnited States
5.New ZealandIndonesia