Quick guide - Online application

From the My passport applications page you can:

Start an application

To start an application select "Start a new passport application".

Location of Start a new application button 

Information entered into the application will be saved automatically once the "Personal details" page is completed, and then page by page as you progress. 

You will be able to select "Save and logout" to resume your application at a later date.

Resume an application

You may resume an application at any time by selecting the "Resume" button from the Incomplete applications section.

Location of resume button

Update your account details and change your password

You can update your account details at any time. 

Login and select "Update account details" or "Change password".

Location of update account details and change password    
Note: updating your account details will not update the details in an application that has been lodged.  If you wish to update your details after you have lodged your application please call 131 232.

Update your application

Once an application checklist has been created it is valid for 28 days.  This application cannot be updated.

Applications can be updated once the application checklist has expired and before lodgement has occurred.

Once the application checklist has expired, an "Update" button will appear next to the application in the "Completed applications" section. 


 Selecting the "Update" button will allow you to update the application and create a new application checklist.

To create a new application checklist you will need to confirm your application details, passport type and respond to the declarations. 

The new application checklist will have a new application number and expiry date.  You have 28 days to attend lodgement with your application checklist, original supporting documents, photos and payment.

Delete an incomplete application

You are able to delete an incomplete application if it is no longer required or if you want to start the application again.  Select the "Delete" button next to the application you want to delete in the "Incomplete applications" section.

Location of Delete an application button

Print or save an Application Checklist or Summary

Once the application is completed, an application checklist and application summary are created.  These can be saved and printed at the time they are created, or later by logging in to your account.

Where to find a copy of the Application Summary?

Log in to your account.

Under the "Completed applications" section select the application summary link to view, save or print a copy of your application summary.

Where to find the checklist and summary

Where do I find my application number after lodgement?

Your application number is located on the application checklist next to the barcode, on the checklist instructions page, as well as on your application summary.

Location of application number on form 

Your application number is also available after you login to the new online application, in the Completed applications section.

Why can't I find my application checklist anymore?

Once your application checklist has been lodged, and your application is under assessment, the application summary and application checklist will no longer be available.

Monitor progress of a lodged applications

You can monitor the status of your application at any time.

Login and view the application status in the "Completed applications" section.    

Location to monitor your application