Damaged Passports

Passports that have become damaged may no longer be acceptable for travel or as evidence of the holder’s identity or Australian citizenship. Travellers may face difficulties at overseas borders if they try to travel using a damaged passport.

If your passport is damaged in any way, you may like to consider applying for a new one before travelling. If you are unsure whether your damaged passport is acceptable, you should present it to your nearest Australian Passport Office or if overseas, your nearest Australian diplomatic or consular mission, for assessment. Please note that a replacement passport will be at your own expense unless it is assessed as faulty.

Minor damage

Minor damage associated with normal wear and tear is not generally sufficient to render a travel document invalid. Examples of minor damage include:

  • staples or staple holes on visa pages;
  • minor mould/mildew;
  • alterations to the emergency contact details;
  • minor water damage where entry/exit stamps are still readable; and
  • worn edges of pages.
Major damage

Seriously damaged passports cannot be renewed using the passport renewal form. Please call APIS on 131 232 for information on what constitutes major damage.

If your passport is seriously damaged you must apply for a new passport by completing a full application form and provide documentary evidence of your Australian citizenship and identity.

In addition, you will be asked to complete a General Declaration by passport applicant (B11) form detailing how the passport came to be damaged. This should be lodged with your full application. You will be handed a letter asking you to surrender your damaged passport at the time of lodging your application. The letter will also advise that you may request the return of the damaged passport and of your rights of review under passport legislation.

It is also advisable to let the interviewing officer know if you wish to have the damaged passport returned to you after the passport has been physically and electronically cancelled.

Faulty Passports

If you believe that your passport is faulty you should present it to your nearest Australian Passport Office or if overseas your nearest diplomatic or consular mission, for assessment in the first instance.

The Australian Passport Office will replace a passport at no cost to the bearer if the passport is faulty.

If you have any questions regarding a faulty or damaged passport, or require further information, please contact the Australian Passport Information Service on 131 232 or your nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate.