Change of name

If the name you wish to appear in your passport is different (including any Anglicisation) from the name on your full Australian birth certificate or Australian citizenship certificate, you must provide originals of documents that explain all name changes you have had since birth or obtaining Australian citizenship.

Passports are issued in your birth or citizenship name unless you have formally registered another name with an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (RBDM).

If you cannot access a state or territory RBDM in Australia to change your name, you may use a name from a foreign marriage or a foreign name change certificate provided it has been legalised (apostilled or authenticated) by the issuing government in a form that meets our requirements and it was issued after you obtained Australian citizenship.

For information on how your foreign document may be legalised, you should contact the relevant government authority of the country that issued the document. In most cases, this would be the Department or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the country’s diplomatic or consular representatives in Australia.

You may also use a name that has appeared on your most recent previous Australian passport provided the passport was issued after 20 August 1986, had been valid for at least two years when issued and has not been replaced with another name formally registered in Australia or one stated on an Australian citizenship certificate.

Purchased titles or awards may not be accepted for use in an Australian travel document.