Waiver of fees

The Australian Passport Office may replace free of charge current Australian passports lost or damaged as a result of the natural disasters specified below. Persons wishing to apply for a gratis replacement passport should contact the Australian Passport Information Service (APIS) on 131 232 for further information. Please DO NOT report, via the website, that your passport was lost or damaged as a result of these natural disasters. Current fee waivers cover: NSW: Bushfires - Central Ranges, Riverina/Southern Border, Riverina Highlands (Jan 14); Severe weather - the Hornsby Tornado (17/18 Nov 13) and the Guyra Tornado (22/23 Nov 13); Queensland: Flooding - Central and Western Queensland (18/28 Feb 14); Monsoonal rainfall and flooding (7/9 Feb 14); Tropical Cyclone Fletcher (2 Feb 14); Tropical Cyclone Dylan (31 Jan 14); the North Stradbroke Island bushfire (29 Jan 13); Western Australia: Tropical low and flooding (16 Jan and 6 Feb 14); bushfire - Parkerville (12 Jan 14); Victoria: Bushfires (Jan and Feb 14); storms (commencing 26 Sep 13); and South Australia: Floods (commencing 14 Feb 14); and bushfires (Jan 14). Fee waivers for these events will be accepted until 28 Mar 15.