The passport interview

Adults applying for an Australian passport must be interviewed. A person under 18 years of age and who has never married may be exempt from being interviewed. However, the application should be lodged by a parent or person with a parental responsibility for the child.

Generally you will need to make an appointment when applying for a passport at an Australia Post outlet in Australia.  If overseas contact your nearest Australian diplomatic or consular mission.

The interview time will depend upon the type of application. A renewal interview (in Australia) should take less than five minutes.

The interviewer will check your application to ensure that it has been correctly completed and that the required supporting original documents have been submitted. Original supporting documents will be returned to you after sighting by the interviewer.

You will only be asked questions that relate to the application. You may be requested to submit further documents. All information provided is held in confidence.

Documents to bring to the interview

You must bring to the interview:

  1. the application form completed in black ink or online;
  2. two new colour photographs, one endorsed on the back, in black ink, by the guarantor who also completed section 12 of the application form;
  3. an original document that proves you are an Australian citizen, being - 
  • your full Australian birth certificate and if you were born on or after 20 August 1986, proof of one parent's Australian citizenship or permanent residency at the time of your birth;
  • your Australian citizenship certificate.
  • Passport applicants using the streamlined Passport Renewal process must present the passport that is being replaced.
  1. original identity documents that prove your identity (for example your current driver's licence) that shows your current name, address and signature;
  2. original documents that provide proof of name changes from the name shown on your birth certificate, citizenship certificate or previous Australian passport (if applicable);
  3. the application fee.
Passports Tips and Hints

If you are not fluent in English you can bring someone with you to interpret for you, or you can use the Telephone Interpreter Service, at the interview. Passport application forms are not available in foreign languages and must be completed in English.

Australia Post website offers a post office locator service, but since not all outlets provide passport services, please ring 13 13 18 for details on nearby post outlets that provide passport interview services.

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