How long to get a passport

Applying in Australia

The Australian Passport Office is committed to mailing out an eligible applicant's passport within ten working days of receiving all information and documentation we require. However, you should allow extra time for Australia Post outlets to forward your application to us and for your passport to reach you by registered mail. This can add between two and eight days to the ten working days needed for processing.

You can help keep processing times to a minimum by ensuring you provide everything we require at the time you lodge your application. Delays may be encountered if supporting information and documentation are not supplied at interview. Child passports will take longer to process if full parental consent is not provided.

You can track the progress of your passport through the My Application function on this website or by calling the Australian Passport Information Service on 131 232 (from anywhere in Australia).

There are separate passport forms for adults, children, renewals and applications lodged overseas. These machine readable forms are designed to cut processing times to a minimum.


We are equally committed to prompt processing of passport applications made overseas at any Australian diplomatic or consular mission.

An eligible applicant's full validity passport will be available for collection or despatch from the mission within ten working days of a passport interview if all our requirements are met. It will be issued by one of our passport production centres - London, Washington, or Canberra. You should allow extra time for local mail delivery if you have requested that the passport be mailed to you.

If you cannot wait ten working days for a full validity passport, the mission can issue an emergency passport to cover urgent travel needs. There is no application fee for issuing an emergency passport but you need to pay a priority processing fee. An emergency passport must be returned before your full validity passport can be handed to you.

In some circumstances in some locations overseas, you may lodge your application by mail. You should contact your nearest Australian diplomatic or consular mission to find out more about these arrangements.

Priority Processing Service

Our Priority Processing Service guarantees that your passport will be ready for despatch within two working days of the office receiving everything it needs from you. However, you should allow extra time for Australia Post outlets to forward your application to us and for your passport to reach you by registered mail.

There is a fee for this service in addition to the normal passport application fee. This service is not available for applications for full validity passports made overseas, except in London and Washington.

Where to go

Approximately 1700 Australia Post outlets act as passport agencies. You can collect and lodge application forms, attend interviews, and pay fees at these outlets. To find an outlet near you, visit or call Australia Post on 131 318. You may need to contact Australia Post for an appointment before lodging an application form.

For more information see brochure Processing times and priority service (html) (Download PDF 249 KB)

Passports Tips and Hints
It would be advisable to hold a valid passport if:
- you have family living or travelling outside Australia
- you may be required to travel on business at short notice
- you travel overseas regularly

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