Eligibility for an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

Who can get an international certificate?

Anyone with COVID-19 vaccinations registered on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and who has a valid passport.

If you were vaccinated in Australia, your vaccinations are automatically registered in the AIR.

What if I was vaccinated overseas?

If you were vaccinated overseas, you can register your vaccination in the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) once you return to Australia so that you can get the international certificate.

If you need proof of vaccination prior to your return to Australia, you may be able to get a vaccination certificate from the country in which you were vaccinated.

Can I use a foreign passport to get an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate?


How you do this depends on whether you have an Australian visa and whether you’re eligible for Medicare.

If you’re an Australian visa holder and eligible for Medicare, you can request your certificate through the Medicare service on myGov, the Express Plus Medicare mobile app, or by contacting Services Australia.

If you’re not an Australian visa holder because you’re an Australian dual citizen you can request a certificate for your foreign passport at the same time as you request one for your Australian passport.

If you’re not eligible for Medicare, you can only get a certificate for your foreign passport by contacting Services Australia.

Have a Convention Travel Document or Certificate of Identity?

If you have an Australian Convention Travel Document or Certificate of Identity, follow the instructions for holders of an Australian passport.

What if I don’t have a valid passport?

You need to have a valid passport or other travel document to get an International COVID‑19 Vaccination Certificate.

What if I hold multiple passports?

Each international certificate includes a passport number in your name. When you present the certificate, you’ll normally also have to present that passport. If you have multiple passports, you can get multiple certificates, so that you have one certificate for each passport. This applies no matter whether your passports are Australian and/or foreign.

When will I need a new International COVID‑19 Vaccination Certificate?

Your international certificate won’t expire, but you’ll need to request a new one if you:

  • receive additional COVID-19 vaccinations, or
  • plan to travel with a new or different passport, or
  • lose or damage your international certificate.

I’ve got a domestic proof of immunisation. Do I still need an international certificate?

Yes, if you’re planning on going overseas.

Compared to the Immunisation History Statement and the COVID-19 Digital Certificate, the international certificate has additional information and security needed to meet foreign government requirements.

I got an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate even though I’ve only had one dose. Was that a mistake?  Does it mean I’m fully vaccinated?

Receiving an international certificate does not by itself prove that you meet the requirements of any country, including Australia, for being fully vaccinated.

The certificate lists your COVID-19 vaccination history, no matter how many doses you have had. Whether that history meets the public health requirements of countries you’re visiting is a matter for authorities in those countries.

Can I get an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate if I’m not vaccinated?

You can only get an international certificate if you’ve received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

If you are not fully vaccinated, there may be restrictions on you leaving or entering Australia and entering the country you are travelling to. You should check the Department of Health website and the official government website of the country you’re travelling to for more information about COVID-19 vaccination exemptions.

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