New online application

The Australian Passport Office (APO) has developed a new online application.

What will I need to use the new online application?

  • access to a computer (use on mobile devices to follow
  • an email address
  • access to a printer

How is it different?

The new online application guides you through the application to help ensure we receive all the information we need to process your passport application. It creates an application checklist for you to print and lodge in person.

Your information may be verified online in real time and it will be sent to the APO electronically when you lodge your application checklist.

You will need to enter details of a referee, but unlike the application form, you do not need your referee to sign the form or the back of your photo.

The application checklist sets out all the original documents you need to bring when you lodge at Australia Post.

If you have complex circumstances, there still may be reasons for us to contact you during the passport assessment process to clarify or collect additional information.

The new online application allows you to nominate a delivery address that's different from your residential address, including a PO Box. Please note, however, you cannot select a parcel locker address to have your passport delivered to.

The new online application also provides you with new options to replace your passport in certain circumstances, where the passport you are replacing has at least two years validity remaining. A replacement passport will normally have the same expiry date as the passport you are replacing.

Replacement passports are still available free of charge for a number of reasons including change of family name due to marriage or divorce, or change of gender.

You can now also apply for a replacement passport, for a lower fee than applying for a new full validity passport, if:

  • you change your name for a reason other than marriage, divorce or change of gender, or
  • your visa pages are full, or
  • your passport has minor damage (so long as you can present the passport being replaced and it can still be used to identify you).

There is a fee for a replacement passport in one of these circumstances.

How do I apply for a passport using the new online application?

It's a two-step process: start online and finish at Australia Post.

Step 1: Create an AusPassport account

Start a new passport application and enter your information.

If you can't finish it you can save and resume later.

Create and print the application checklist at the end of your online application.

Step 2: Lodge your printed application checklist with all the original documents listed on the checklist, photos and payment at an accredited Australia Post outlet.

How long will it take to get my passport?

You can expect to receive your passport in approximately three weeks from the day you lodge your application checklist.

Your application checklist expires after 28 days

You have 28 days to lodge the application checklist from the time it is created.

If your application checklist expires before you are able to lodge, you will need to log in to your AusPassport account to update your application, create and print a new application checklist for lodgment.

Personal information for incomplete and completed applications is retained for 90 days. If you do not lodge your application, we will remind you 15 days before your personal information is deleted.

Can I use the new online application?

Currently, adult applicants lodging in Australia are able to use the new online application, unless they:

  • are unable to provide a full date of birth
  • have never had an Australian passport and are unable to provide evidence of their gender, date of birth or place of birth
  • have only one name (instead of a family name and given name(s))
  • have a family name or given names longer than 50 characters
  • are required to provide medical evidence from a medical practitioner overseas
  • Do not have documented evidence of a name change
  • You are renewing your passport for a reason other than those listed below and you have more than two years remaining validity:
    • minor damage to the existing passport
    • all visa pages are full on the existing passport
    • your new passport will have a change of name due to for example, marriage, a registered relationship, divorce, revocation, death of spouse, or a change of name other than through marriage
    • your new passport will reflect a change of gender or gender name change
    • you require two valid passports
    • you require a diplomatic passport