Disclosure statement

The declaration signed by the applicant on the passport application form authorises:

  • the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to make the necessary inquiries of any organisation or individual to verify any information provided in the application so as to establish your identity and eligibility for an Australian travel document
  • the department to publicise or pass to other governments and police agencies in other countries details of any lost or stolen document. This is done to restrict its illegal use
  • the department to confirm the validity of any travel documents issued when asked to do so by a third party
  • any organisation or individual to disclose relevant information to the department for these purposes
  • the use of the passport photo for biometric purposes. (Biometrics are a mathematical description of a person's physical characteristics that enable enhanced automated methods of identity verification.

It is a criminal offence under the Australian Passports Act 2005 to deliberately make false or misleading statements. We can refuse to process an application for an Australian travel document if we have reasonable grounds to suspect fraud or dishonesty in the application.

The application remains the property of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the information provided in this form may be passed to and/or verified with other Commonwealth or State Government agencies or passed to government authorities in other countries.