Urgent applications

​Do you need a passport in a hurry?

If you cannot wait three weeks, you may be able to use our priority service for an additional fee.  This guarantees the issue of your passport within two business days PLUS delivery time, once we have everything we need from you.  You can apply for priority processing at Australia Post outlets when you lodge your application.

The service is not available in all circumstances such as:

  • child passport applications that do not include full parental consent
  • applicants who request a frequent traveller passport
  • applicants who have had two or more travel documents lost or stolen in the last five years.

Compassionate or compelling circumstances

If you need to travel urgently due to the death or serious illness of an immediate family member please obtain supporting documentation (i.e. death certificate, funeral notice or letter from treating doctor) and call:

  • the Australian Passport Information Service on 131 232 to arrange an appointment for you to lodge your passport or renewal application at an Australian passport office; OR
  • if you are overseas, please contact an Australian diplomatic or consular mission.

You may be eligible for a waiver or refund of the priority processing fee on compassionate grounds – see eligibility criteria and documentary requirements below.

Apply for a priority passport now

Pay the priority processing fee

The priority processing service is available for passport applications and renewals lodged in Australia and at the Australian High Commission in London.

If you are applying overseas and cannot wait the standard three weeks to receive your new passport, you should contact the nearest Australian diplomatic mission or consulate for advice.

Refund of priority processing fee

If we do not meet the standard service of two business days after you have provided all the information required to process your application, you may apply for a refund of the priority processing fee. Please note that the two business days does not include delivery time.

If you are travelling for compassionate reasons due to the death or serious illness of an immediate family member, you may be eligible for a refund of the priority processing fee. In this context, immediate family members are defined as the spouse, de facto partner, mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, mother-in-law and father-in-law of the applicant.

How to apply for a refund

If you consider you are eligible for a refund, you should write to the Manager of the Australian Passport Office in your capital city, or to the Consul at the Australian diplomatic mission where your application was lodged.

Your letter should include your full name, your passport number, the date and place you lodged your application and details supporting your claim. If you are applying on compassionate grounds, please include supporting documentation such as a death certificate, funeral notice or letter from the doctor treating the immediate family member you travelled to see.

We will reply within 14 days of receiving your enquiry. If you are eligible for a refund, a cheque will be posted to you within 30 days of our decision. If you are not eligible for a refund, we will write to tell you why.

Right of Review

A decision not to refund a priority processing fee is a reviewable decision under the Australian Passports Act 2005.