Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The Australian Passport Act 2005 authorises the collection of your personal information for the purposes of confirming your identity and eligibility for an Australian passport. Without this information we are unable to process the application.

We may collect personal information from third parties such as law enforcement or security agencies where the third parties provide us with information, which is relevant to your application for a passport.

We may disclose personal information for the provision of consular services and to other entities or individuals specified in the Australian Passports Act 2005, such as:

  • the immigration department; civil registries; and licensing authorities that can verify information and assist in establishing an applicant's identity and eligibility
  • Interpol and its member countries; other countries with which we have an agreement for purposes such as advising about the status of a passport; law enforcement authorities; to Australian border authorities to facilitate international travel; and law courts for the operation of family law and related matters.

We are authorised by law to disclose this personal information to foreign border authorities:

  • if we suspect there is unlawful activity relating to the passport
  • for law enforcement purposes
  • in countries with which Australia participates in the Regional Movement Alert System.

We may also use current and past information provided with a passport application for testing, training and research purposes. (If you do not want your information used for these purposes, call us on 131 232).

For further information see Protecting Your Privacy or the website user Terms and Conditions, including how to access or correct personal information and how to complain about a breach of privacy.