Duplicate notifications

Due to a technical issue, yesterday (Wednesday 21 February) some customers received duplicate copies of email and SMS notifications from the Australian Passport Office.

While this appears to be an isolated issue, we’re investigating to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

Article Date:
22 February 2024

Be scam aware

It’s not always easy to spot a scam. Scams are becoming more sophisticated, and scammers are constantly finding new ways to trick people.

Your passport has personal information that makes it a target for scams and identity theft. You can protect your passport by:

  • keeping it in a safe and secure place
  • not sharing your passport details online
  • only disclosing your passport information to trusted organisations with a legitimate need for it.

The best way to avoid a scam is:

  • Stop – don’t give money or personal information to anyone if unsure.
  • Think – ask yourself if the message or call may be fake
  • Protect – act quickly if something feels wrong.

Find out more about protecting against scams and identity theft on our website.

Article Date:
20 February 2024

Don't smile!

You might think we’re a little fussy when it comes to passport photos. That’s because we want you to enjoy your holiday!

Passport photos need to meet strict international standards. If we ask you to provide new photos, it’s because the ones you gave us don’t meet these standards. You may have trouble crossing borders if your passport is issued with a sub-standard photo.

Find out more about the photo requirements on our website.

Article Date:
05 February 2024

Further information

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