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Article Date:
15 July 2024

Passport processing service options and how long they take

Not sure which passport processing service to choose or how long each one takes? 

Now you can use our new estimator tool to find out. 

Simply answer a few questions and the tool will: 

  • help you choose the passport processing service that’s right for you
  • give you an estimate of how long you can expect to wait for your passport once you’ve lodged your application.

Want to know how quickly we’re currently processing passport applications? Each week we publish the latest processing timeframes for applications received under our routine service.

We’re continually improving our passport services. Soon we’ll launch an improved online passport tracking tool. Stay tuned.

Article Date:
12 July 2024

New Fast Track (5-day processing) available

We’ve introduced a new 'Fast Track (5-day processing)’ service. This service guarantees your passport application will be processed in 5 business days. This excludes postage. 

Fast Track (5-day processing) is available to eligible customers for an extra $100 on top of the regular application fee. 

If you need a passport quicker, you may be eligible for our existing ‘Priority (2-day processing)’ service. The Priority service is $290 in addition to the regular application fee. 

For routine applications, customers should continue to allow at least 6 weeks to get their passport. More information on our current processing times is available online.  

This new service is one of several exciting changes to modernise Australia’s passport service. Stay tuned.

Article Date:
01 July 2024

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