English translations of foreign documents

If you are required to present foreign documentation that is not written in English, you must provide an English translation made by an approved translation service.

Approved translation services


If you are obtaining the translation in Australia – please contact the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) for a list of approved translators in your area. Visit the NAATI website to locate a translator.

Alternatively phone (02) 6260 3035 or email: info [at] naati.com.au for further information.

In Australia there are agencies that use NAATI translators, therefore translations on the letterhead of the below listed agencies are acceptable:

  • Community Relations Commission (CRC) for a Multicultural NSW in New South Wales;
  • The Interpreting and Translating Services NT (ITSNT) of the Northern Territory Department of Community Services;
  • The Department of Home Affairs’ Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS);
  • The Interpreting and Translating Centre (ITC) in the Department of Human Services in South Australia;
  • Translations provided by the Free Translating Service.

If you are obtaining the translation overseas – please contact the relevant Australian diplomatic mission or consulate for a list of approved translation services in your country of residence. The mission will certify the translation so it can be used with future passport applications, wherever they are lodged.