Website advice and troubleshooting guide

Creating and maintaining your AusPassport account

Managing your passport applications

Why do I need an AusPassport account?

You'll need an AusPassport account to start your passport application online. An AusPassport account helps us protect your personal details.

What can I do with my AusPassport account?

You can use your AusPassport account to start your passport application for you or on behalf of someone else.

Can anyone have an AusPassport account?

No, you need to be at least 18 years old to create an account.

How do I create an AusPassport account?

To create an account you must:

  • confirm you are aged 18 or over
  • accept the terms and conditions of use
  • give us your personal details and an email address 
  • set a password and secret questions and answers to keep your account secure.

After completing the steps above, we'll send you an email with a link to verify and activate your account.

I’ve forgotten my password. What do I do?

On the login screen, select 'Forgot your password?'

login screen

On the next screen enter your registered email address and press “Send email”.

You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password. Select the link to go to your account and answer one secret question you entered when you created your account.

After you answer one question correctly we'll send you an email with a link to set a new password.

You'll have 3 attempts to answer one of the 3 secret questions correctly.

If you fail all 3 we’ll lock your account and you’ll have to call 131 232 to have it reset.

Why haven’t I received an email to verify my account?

Your email anti-spam software may have moved the verification email to your spam folder automatically.

How do I change my password?

Log in and select "Accounts settings".

Account settings

On the next page select 'Change password'.

Update password location

How do I update my details in my AusPassport account?

Log in and select "Account settings" and then change the required account details.

Account settings

How do I report a security breach to my AusPassport account?

Call us on 131 232 as soon as possible.

Can I delete my AusPassport account?

To delete your account call us on 131 232.

How do I start a new application?

To start an application select "Start renewal / passport application".

Start or renew an application button

Once you finish filling in  the "Personal details" page, the system will start saving all the information you enter page by page as you progress.

Look for the "Save and logout" button to resume your application at a later time.

How do I save and resume an application?

On the dashboard, under the "Incomplete applications" heading, select the  "Resume" button next to your application.

Resume an application

What does it mean to update an application?

After you finish your application and create a checklist, the application is locked for 28 days. If you don't lodge the application, after 28 days a button "Update application" will appear next to the application listing. You can then update it and reprint the application checklist with new details.

How do I change an application that's already complete?

Adult applications in Australia

If you've created an application checklist you'll need to wait for 28 days before you can update your application.

Once the checklist expires an "Update" button will display next to the application.

It’s ok to update the application and create a new checklist at that time.

Update account

To create a new application checklist you will need to confirm your application details, passport type and respond to the declarations.

The new application checklist will have a new application number and expiry date.

If you're in a hurry and can't wait for 28 days, you'll need to create a new application. There's no limit to the number of applications you can create.

All other application forms

If you've created a PDF of the application and you find you've made a mistake you'll have to start again.

Where can I see the status of an application?

You can see the status of an application under "Checklists and documents created" on the dashboard.

If you applied for an adult passport in Australia, the application status will be displayed as:

  • Awaiting lodgement: The application checklist is ready for you to print and lodge. You have to do this within 28 days after generating the checklist. 
  • Lodged: You have lodged your application.
  • Under assessment: We’re assessing your application. 
  • Passport issued: We’ve printed your passport.
  • Expired: Your checklist is unusable. You’ll have to update it and create it again before you can take it to Australia Post.

If you applied for a child passport or overseas, the application status will be displayed as::

  • Created: Your application is ready for printing and lodging. 
  • Passport issued: We’ve printed your passport.
Check the application status location

How do I delete an incomplete application?

You can delete any incomplete application and start again.

Under the “Incomplete applications” section select the "Delete" button next to the application you want to delete.

Delete an application location

Why has the system deleted my application?

If you applied for an adult application in Australia, once you lodge your application and your application is under assessment, the application summary and application checklist will no longer be available.

If you don’t lodge your application checklist within 28 days and don’t update your application we'll delete it after 45 days.

Child and overseas applications are available for 45 days.

Why do I need to print my application?

You need to lodge the application in person at a participating Australia Post outlet

What is the difference between an application checklist, an application form and an record of responses?

If you're applying for an adult passport in Australia, your passport application is called an application checklist. The application lists some of your personal details as well as the documents you need to take with you when lodging your passport application.

The record of responses is a PDF listing all the details you entered in your online application including all declarations.

If you're applying for a child passport or you live overseas the system will generate an application form. The application looks like an ordinary passport paper form.

My checklist only has some of the information I provided. Where is the rest, and how do I save and print it?

The record of responses is a PDF listing all the details you entered in your online application including all declarations.

You can find the record of responses on the "Applications ready to lodge" section on the dashboard.

Application summary

Can I track the status of applications after I’ve submitted them?

Not at the present time.  We expect to have a tracking facility in the future.

Where do I find my application number after lodgement?

Adult application in Australia

Your application number is located on the application checklist next to the QR code.

Location of application number on application checklist


On the checklist instructions page.

Location of the form number on the application checklist

As well as on your application summary.

Location of the delete button on the application checklist page


Your application number is also available after you login to the new online application, in the Completed applications section.

All other applications

Location of form number on paper forms