Passport facts 2022-23

  • We issued over 3.1 million passports – that’s around 12,000 each business day.
  • Over 10.4 million visits to our website.
  • Over 400,000 people paid to have their passport issued in 2 days plus delivery.
  • Over 14.2 million Australians have a current passport - that’s over 53% of the population.
  • End to end, the number of passports we printed would stretch 548 km - that’s more than the distance between Nambour and Coffs Harbour!
  • Over 35,000 Australian passports were lost or stolen.
  • Over 10,000 emergency travel documents were issued.

Top 5 countries for lost and stolen Australian passports

  Lost passports Stolen passports
1 United States Italy
2 United Kingdom United States
3 Italy Spain
4 Germany France
5 China Greece

You can download an infographic poster version of this page here: Passport facts 2022-23 poster.