Urgent applications

You can pay the Priority fee ($225) for faster service

  • If you have had 2 or more passports lost or stolen in the last 5 years you cannot use this service
  • If you have difficulties proving your identity you may not be eligible for this service


If you need your passport immediately

You will need to visit a passport office to apply (try to book an appointment by calling 131232).

You will need to provide evidence of a compassionate or compelling need for immediate travel.


If you need a passport within 2 business days

You will need to collect your passport from a passport office.

You should apply before midday at an Australia Post RAPID location (this will be faster than queuing up at a Passport Office).


If you need your passport within a week

You should apply before midday at an Australia Post RAPID location.

You should check when you lodge whether you have enough time to have your passport posted to you, or if you need to collect it from a passport office.


If you are overseas

Check with your local diplomatic or consular mission for their most recent advice.


Normal processing times

At the moment, unprecedented demand means you should allow a minimum of 6 weeks to receive your passport.

You should not book travel until you have a valid passport (your passport number will change when you renew it).