Replacement passport

A replacement passport is a reprint of an existing passport with a new passport number, applicable under limited circumstances.

The expiry date will normally be the same as the passport being replaced.

The existing passport must have at least two years validity remaining in order for a replacement passport to be issued.

Circumstances where a fee is payable

Replacement passports issued in the following circumstances will attract a fee.

  • the passport has full visa pages
  • the passport has minor damage (so long as the holder can present the passport being replaced and it can still be used to identify the holder)
  • change of name for reasons that are not eligible for a fee waiver

Circumstances where a fee is waived

The fee for replacement passports may be waived in certain circumstances including:

  • change of family name due to a change in marital, registered relationship or de facto status
  • change of gender

How to apply for a replacement passport

Applications for replacement passports can be made online if you are in Australia. Based on your responses, the online application will offer the replacement passport option if you are eligible.

The replacement passport option is not available on hardcopy application forms.

If you are overseas, you may apply for a replacement passport at your nearest Australian diplomatic mission.