Urgent applications

Priority processing 

If you need your passport urgently, you may be eligible to pay the priority processing fee for faster service. We’ll process priority applications in two business days from when we receive your application. 

You’re not eligible for priority processing if: 

  • you’ve had two or more passports lost or stolen in the last five years 

  • you have difficulties proving your identity  

  • you’re applying for a child passport without full parental consent. 

To opt for priority processing, you need to: 

  • pay the $252 priority processing fee when you lodge your application at Australia Post 

  • or call us on 131 232 to request this if you’ve already lodged your application under our routine processing service. 

Priority processing at an Australia Post RAPID outlet 

If you lodge your application for priority processing and pay the priority processing fee at a selected Australia Post Passport RAPID location, we’ll get your documents even faster.  

Applications lodged at one of these locations before 12:00pm on any business day will be received by us for processing on the same day. If you lodge your application after 12:00pm or on a weekend, we will receive it the next business day. 

If you need your passport urgently for compassionate or compelling reasons: 

  • Make an appointment at your nearest passport office by calling 131 232 

  • Provide evidence of a compassionate or compelling need for immediate travel 

  • Pay the priority fee, if required. 

If you’re overseas: 

Processing time begins when your complete application is received by the Australian Passport Office. These timeframes exclude postage time.