Child alert requests

How can I stop my child being taken overseas without my consent?

The only way to stop a child being taken overseas is through the Family Law Watchlist.

If the child is already overseas, contact police or border authorities in that country.

How can I stop my child getting a new passport without my consent?

If you request a child passport alert, we will give special scrutiny to any passport application for the child.

To request an alert, you must have parental responsibility for the child.

A child alert does not guarantee that we will refuse a passport to the child.  If we determine that the child is entitled to a passport by law, we will issue a passport even if there is a child alert.

If the child already has an Australian or foreign passport, a child alert will not cancel the passport or stop travel.

The only way to prevent a child from being taken overseas is through the Family Law Watchlist.

How can I request a child passport alert?

The steps are:

  • read all the information on this page about what a child passport alert can and cannot do
  • obtain a Child Alert Request form from a passport office, your nearest Australian diplomatic or consular mission or by calling us on 131 232
  • complete the form and sign it
  • attach a statement to explain why you’re requesting the alert
  • attach copies of any court orders relating to the child
  • lodge the completed form.

You can lodge your completed form by:

  • taking it to a passport office or Australian diplomatic or consular mission;
  • mailing it to Passport Operations (PC9), GPO Box  9807, in your capital city; or
  • scanning it and emailing it to the passport office in your capital city at:
    • adelaide.alerts [at] 
    • brisbane.alerts [at]
    • canberra.alerts [at]
    • darwin.alerts [at]
    • hobart.alerts [at]
    • melbourne.alerts [at]
    • perth.alerts [at]
    • sydney.alerts [at];
    • overseas.alerts [at] (if you are not in Australia).

Remember to include attachments (in pdf or jpg format).

Do child passport alerts expire?

A child passport alert that is not supported by court orders is valid for up to 12 months.

If there is a court order, a child passport alert is valid until the child turns 18 or legally marries, or as directed by the court, whichever comes first.