Australia has a new passport

Image shows the front and back cover of the R Series passport.   The front cover of the passport shows the Australian crest and reads “AUSTRALIA PASSPORT.”  The back cover shows two embossed kangaroos in a First Nations’ art style.

Cover and back cover of R Series Passport

Designed, printed and assembled in Australia, the new ‘R Series’ is even more secure than the ‘P Series’ passport we have issued since 2014.

The Australian passport is regularly upgraded to protect passport holders’ identity and personal information in line with international best practice.

The R Series includes advanced security features to prevent counterfeiting and identity theft, and ultimately, keep Australians safe.

In a first for Australian passports, the R Series photo page is made from tough, high-security, layered plastic.

The R Series incorporates work by Indigenous artists. The visa pages show iconic Australian landscapes.

We are rolling out the R Series in stages from September 2022. Until the end of 2022, some passport customers will still receive a P Series passport.

All Australian passports meet standards for travel documents set by the International Civil Aviation Organization

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