Do the parental consent rules apply to replacement passports?

A replacement passport doesn’t need a new consent from everyone who has parental responsibility for the child. It has the same validity as the passport it replaces and relies on the consent for that passport. The person lodging the application only has to bring the child’s current passport and evidence that they have parental or caring responsibility for the child.

Examples of documents we accept as evidence of parental responsibility include the child’s birth certificate with your name as the parent, and court orders about the child with your name as a person with parental responsibility or guardianship.

Examples of documents we accept as evidence of caring responsibilities include a benefit statement from Centrelink (Services Australia) for a payment to the carer to assist in raising the child, a Medicare card with the name of the child and the carer, or a last will and testament of a parent that nominates the carer.

If you’re applying for a replacement passport, the child doesn’t have to come with you when you lodge the application, even if the child is 16 or 17 years old.

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