Passport validity and foreign visas

Can I use my current passport until it expires?

If you're in Australia and your current passport is valid when you renew, it will be cancelled. This means you will be unable to use it for travel. You should avoid travelling outside Australia using the expiring passport. If it’s cancelled while you’re overseas, you may be stuck without a valid passport.

When you apply to renew your passport, we recommend marking your old passport as a reminder that’s it’s no longer valid, for example, placing a sticker on its cover.

When you receive your new passport, you should:

  • update travel bookings with your new passport number
  • keep it separate from your old passport to avoid taking the wrong passport to the airport.

Other countries and airlines have passport validity rules that influence how you use your passport. For example, you can’t enter some countries if you have less than 6 months validity on your passport from the date you intend to leave that country. This may apply when you’re transiting or stopping over in the country.

Check your passport’s expiry date before you travel. If you’re not sure it will be valid long enough, consider renewing.

Visit for trusted travel advice on safety and security issues, local laws and customs and entry requirements.

Can I use foreign visas from an old passport?

Many countries don’t accept visas in expired passports.  You may have to get new visas.  Keep in mind that some visas are electronic, and there may be no physical evidence of them in your passport. 

If you're planning to travel to the United States of America under the visa waiver program, you need to have a passport with an electronic chip. All current Australian passports, except emergency passports, have an electronic chip.

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