Child alert requests

What is a child alert?

A Child Alert is a warning to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that there may be circumstances to be considered before an Australian passport is issued to a child.

A Child Alert relates to the issue of an Australian passport or travel document. It will not stop a child from travelling if they already have an Australian passport or a travel document issued by Australia or another country. Nor will a Child Alert guarantee that a child will not be issued a passport if they are entitled to one under the Australian Passports Act 2005.


What to do if you are concerned that your child may be removed from Australia without your consent

You should contact the Australian Federal Police Family Law Unit in your state or territory to have the child's name placed on the Family Law Watch List. See Family Law Kit for further information.

If the child is already overseas, you should contact the police or border authorities in the country where the child is living.

You can request a Child Alert only if you are a person with parental responsibility for the child concerned.


How to request a child alert

To request a child alert, you must complete a Child Alert form and send it to us (lodging details are provided on the form).

The form is available from:


  • the Australian Passport Information Service (phone 131 232)

  • passport offices



When you submit the form, you should include a statement to explain why you are requesting a child alert.

You must provide certified copies of any court orders relating to the child.


How long does a child alert last for?

A Child Alert Request that is not supported by court orders will remain valid for a maximum of 12 months.

If a court order is provided, a Child Alert Request will remain in force until the child turns 18 or legally marries or as directed by the court, whichever occurs first.