What if one or more parents have died?

If a person with parental responsibility for a child has died, we need to see evidence of the death.  Documents we accept are:

  • a death certificate, or
  • a coroner’s report, or
  • a cremation certificate, or
  • a medical certificate, or
  • an Australian birth certificate that records the death.

If you can’t provide any of these documents, we’ll consider that the person hasn’t consented to the passport and assess whether special circumstances apply.

If everyone with parental responsibility for the child has died, you can only lodge a passport application if you bring us:

  • documents we accept which show that the child’s parents are deceased, and
  • documents that show you have caring responsibilities.

Examples of documents we accept as evidence of caring responsibilities include a benefit statement from Centrelink (Services Australia) for a payment to the carer to assist in raising the child, a Medicare card with the name of the child and the carer, or a last will and testament of a biological parent that nominates the carer.

You may also need to provide additional forms:

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